Berlin Questionnaire

The Berlin Questionnaire is simple apneas screening questionnaire used to quickly identify the risk (low to high) of sleep disordered breathing. The questionnaire consists of 3 categories and risk is based on the responses to individual items and overall scores in the symptom categories.

Height (m)
Weight (kg)
1. Do you snore?
1-1 You snoring is:
1-2 How often do you snore?
1-3 Has your snoring ever botheredother people?
1-4 Has anyone noticed that you stop breathingduring your sleep?
2. How often do you feel tired orfatigued after your sleep?
3. During your wakingtime, do youfeel tired, fatigued or not up topar?
4. Have you ever nodded off or fallen asleepwhile driving a vehicle?
If you answered ‘yes’, How often does this occur?
5. Do you have high bloodpressure?